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06/26/2015, 08:35

" like the color and the design , looks amazing , and the delivery is fast "

06/26/2015, 08:34

"love the store , good quality , fast delivery, i got a big discount and some giftd when i bought the products, nice deal"

06/25/2015, 08:58

"Great picture with amazing quality.
Very fast delivery."

06/25/2015, 08:34

"lucky one , because i got a big discount while i bought my costume , what's more , the store also sent some interesting gifts , really love the store."

06/24/2015, 08:41

"really love the devil cry serious , i bought 2 set , the quality really good enough for the price , love the costumes on the store , will tell other cosplay lovers."

06/24/2015, 08:36

"love the delivery of the website , it really fast , and the packaging is considerate , of course , the quality is quite good , though the price is a little expensive"

06/23/2015, 09:02

"i have bought one cosplay wig on the site , even though the price is a little expensive, the design and the quality is good , and the delivery is faster than i expected"

06/23/2015, 08:57

"love love the costumes on the website , good quality , nice design , fast delivery , any way , satisfied with the buying."

06/19/2015, 09:45

"Excellent support on top of excellent quality! Buy with confidence"

06/19/2015, 09:39

"really love the design of the customs of the online store, and the service is quite nice and considerate, all arrived in careful packaging, thanks"

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